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Welcome to Zions Direct

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Zions Direct & Interactive Brokers (IB) Conversion FAQ's

Welcome to Zions Direct

Now that your account is funded and approved you can start trading. The information below will help you get started as a new customer of Zions Direct.

  1. Your money
  2. Configure your account to trade
  3. How to trade
  4. Five points to enrich your Zions Direct experience


Deposits & Withdrawals General Info. All transactions are administered through your secure Account Management


First, you set up banking instructions through your Account Management > Funding > Fund Transfers. You can set up Deposit information by choosing that Transaction Type then selecting the proper currency and choosing the Method: ACH Initiated By Us. Then proceed to enter your Bank Account Number (twice), choose the type of account (checking or savings), enter the routing number or use the search tool to find it, and choose a name to reference in the future. Continue to the next step. You will be required to complete two sets of verification with each new instruction. The first verification is through the use of a Registration Confirmation Number which will be sent to the user email address of record to confirm your email address. The second verification sends debit and credit amounts to your bank which appear on your bank statement and must be typed into your instruction as confirmation.


Create a withdrawal instruction via your secure Account Management > Funding > Fund Transfers > Transaction Type: "Withdrawals" How to create a withdrawal instruction


If you instruct a withdrawal over the Withdrawal limits, it will be considered an exceptional withdrawal and we will therefore need to match bank account holder and IB account. If destination bank account has been used for a deposit, withdrawal will be processed; otherwise, you must contact customer service and provide the documents needed.


Deposits: My bank sent the money but I do not see it credited into my IB account. Possible reasons:

  1. A fund transfer takes 1-4 business days
  2. A Deposit Notification is missing. You have to create it via your Account Management and send a ticket to Customer Service
  3. Amending details are missing. Your name or IB account number is missing in the transfer details. You have to contact your bank and ask for the full amending details.
  4. ACH initiated by IB is limited to 100k USD in a 7 business period. If you opened a Portfolio Margin account where the initial requirement is 110k, a wire deposit might be the better deposit option to reduce wait time for your first trade. If selecting ACH a wait time of almost 2 weeks or a temporary downgrade to RegT can be possible solutions.


Withdrawals: I have requested a withdrawal but I do not see the money credited to my bank account. Possible reasons:

  1. A fund transfer takes 1-4 business days
  2. Rejected. Over the max it can be withdrawn. Please check your account cash balance. Note that for regulatory requirements, when the funds are deposited, there is a 3 day holding period before they can be withdrawn.
  3. Your bank returned the funds. Probably because receiving bank account and remitting bank account names do not match.


Difference between Cash and Margin accounts: If you have chosen the FastTrack application, by default your account type is a cash account with US stock permission. If you would like to get leverage and trade on margin, here how to upgrade to a RegT Margin account


Trading Permissions

In order to be able to trade a particular asset class in a particular country, you need to get the trading permission for it via your Account Management. Please note that trading permissions are free. You might however be asked to sign risk disclosures required by local regulatory authorities. How to Request Trading Permissions


Market Data

If you want to have market data in real-time for a particular product/exchange, you need to subscribe to a market data package charged by the exchange. How to subscribe to Market data
The Market data assistant will help you choose the right package. Please watch this Video explaining how it works.
Customers have the option to receive delayed market data for free by clicking the Free Delayed Data button from a non-subscribed ticker row.


The Trader's University is the place to go when you want to learn how to use our Platforms. Here you will find our webinars, live and recorded in 10 languages and tours and documentation about our various Trading Platforms.



Traders who prefer a clean and simple interface can use our HTML-based WebTrader, which makes it easy to view market data, submit orders, and monitor your account and executions. Use the latest WebTrader from every browser
Quick Start Guide / WebTrader User's Guide
Introduction: Video WebTrader
How to place a Trade: Video WebTrader
Login WebTrader


Trader Workstation (TWS)

Traders who require more sophisticated trading tools can use our market maker-designed Trader Workstation (TWS), which optimizes your trading speed and efficiency with an easy-to-use spreadsheet interface, support for more than 60 order types, task-specific trading tools for all trading styles, and real-time account balance and activity monitoring. Try the two models

  1. TWS Mosaic: for intuitive usability, easy trading access, order management, watchlist, charts all in one window or
  2. TWS Classic: the Advanced Order Management for traders who need more advanced tools and algos.
General Description and Information / Quick start guide / Usersguide
Interactive Tours: TWS Basics / TWS configuration / TWS Mosaic
How to place a trade:  Video Classic TWS / Video Mosaic
Trading tools: General Description and InformationUsers guide
Requirements: How to install Java for WindowsHow to install Java for MAC / Port 4000 and 4001 needs to be open
Login TWSDownload TWS



Our mobile solutions allow you to trade your IB account on the go. The mobileTWS for iOS and the mobileTWS for BlackBerry are custom-designed for these popular models, while the generic MobileTrader supports most other Smart phones. General Description and Information

Order Types

Order Types available and Description / Videos / Tour / Users guide

Paper Trading

General Description and Information / How to get a Paper Trading Account

Once your paper account is created, you can share the market data of your real account with your paper trading account: Account Management > Manage Account > Settings > Paper trading


1.   Contract Search
Here you will find all our products, symbols and specifications.

2.   Account Management
As our trading platforms give you access to the markets, the Account Management grants you access to your IB account. Use Account Management to manage account-related tasks such as depositing or withdrawing funds, viewing your statements, modifying market data and news subscriptions, changing your trading permissions, and verifying or changing your personal information.
Log In Account Management / AM Quick Start Guide / AM Users Guide


3.  IB Knowledge Base
The Knowledge Base is a repository of glossary terms, how-to articles, troubleshooting tips and guidelines designed to assist IB customers with the management of their IB accounts. Just enter in the search button what you are looking for and you will get the answer.

4.  Statements and Reports
Easy to view and customize, our statements and reports cover all aspects of your Interactive Brokers account. How to view an Activity Statement


5.  Secure Login System
To provide you with the highest level of online security, Interactive Brokers has implemented a Secure Login System (SLS) through which access to your account is subject to two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication serves to confirm your identity at the point of login using two security factors: 1) Something you know (your username and password combination); and 2) Something you have (an IB issued security device which generates a random, single-use security code). As both knowledge of your username/password and physical possession of the security device are required to login to your account, participation in the Secure Login System virtually eliminates the possibility of anyone other than you accessing your account.
How to Activate your Security Device / How to Obtain a Security Code Card / How to return Security device
In case you forgot your password or lost your security code card, please call us for immediate assistance.


Where can I find step-by-step instructions on how to convert my account to the new IB platform?

Follow these instructions

  1. Please go to www.zionsdirect.com
    • Click: IB LOG IN in the upper right
    • Click: the Log In to IB Account link
  2. Log in with your new Zions Direct Username and Temporary Password.
  3. Follow the system prompts to change your password and review/complete the application process.
  4. Electronically Sign and/or Accept Agreements/Disclosures until completion.
  5. Your account is now submitted for review. You will receive an email notification when your account is activated.
  6. Upon acceptance by you the client and activation of the account an ACAT request will be initiated to move your account from Interactive (IB)


Why can’t I use my old Zions Direct username on the new platform?

The old username and password was specific to the National Financial systems and because of the security measures around the passwords they are only known to you the customer and the systems storing them. No Zions Direct personnel can access the passwords and therefore we could not supply them to IB.

If I do not have some of the information asked on the IB application, can I save my progress and resume where I left off?

Yes. Any information that you change and submit as a part of the account review process will be stored for future reference. When you log back in you will be able to continue where you left off or change information previously submitted. Simply use your user ID and new password and log into the Account Management login.


I tried to convert my account with the instructions I received, but my account was locked in the process. How can I unlock my account without calling into Zions Direct or IB ?

If the user ID and password is showing as locked, then go ahead and click on the Forgot Password link on the Account Management login page. It will ask you some information previously supplied and then allow you to log in again.

How can I strengthen my password if I am unable to use special characters?

There are a number of methods to strengthen your password, the most important of which is multi-factor authentication, which IB requires. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a method of application access control in which a user is only granted access after successfully presenting two or more separate pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism-typically in the following categories: knowledge (something they know); possession (something they have), and inherence (something they are). Multi-factor authentication is much stronger than simply using special characters.


Why must I input personal information, that I wish not to divulge, in order to gain access to the new platform?

The brokerage industry is required to collect certain personal information regarding our clients in order to satisfy rules and regulations. We use this information to ensure that our clients are legally allowed to transact with us and the markets. We understand your concern and that is why we have raised the security standards for the systems and believe that your information is more secure than ever.


Why is the username and temporary password I received from Zions Direct not allowing me to log in?

The primary reason it would not be allowing you to log in would be that the password was changed to a permanent one already. Please call us so we can help troubleshoot the problem.

Why has my Account with IB been rejected when you provided them with the information?

If the information we provided is changed by the client or does not match the information contained in the databases used to verify your ID, then the account may not be opened until the discrepancy is resolved. Follow the instructions in the email received to complete the process.


Where do I find statements and confirmations?

Statements can be found under Account Management > Reports > Activity.

Confirmations can be found under Account Management > Reports > Confirmations.

Where do I find Tax Forms?

Tax forms can be found under Account Management > Reports > Tax > Tax Forms.


With the removal of the autosweep feature, how do I navigate the process of moving funds manually?

In order to transfer funds to your bank account or to your IB account, you’ll need to login to your IB account through the " Log In to IB Account" link on our website, choose "Funding", then "Fund Transfers". You’ll have to setup a link to your bank account before you can process money movement requests. Instructions for establishing a link with your bank account can be found here: http://ibkb.interactivebrokers.com/article/567.


Will I still have 3 days from the date of purchase to deposit funds into my account?

Before a trade is placed, your brokerage account must have sufficient funds or margin buying power to cover the proposed transaction.


How do I set up ACH transfers between my bank accounts and IB?

To set up an ACH transfer please add the banking instructions under Account Management > Funding > Funds Transfers. Follow the steps to choose what type of transaction you plan to do and establish the bank information.


Will I still have access to the Bond Store on the new platform?

The Bond Store access was provided by NFS and so access to it will no longer be available. Our new system with IB allows us to offer much better trading tools for equities and options, and we hope to have improvements to the bond trading functions of IB’s platform soon.

How do I search for municipal bonds offered by a specific state on the new platform?

The platform that IB uses for trading municipal bonds is a stand-alone program called Trader Workstation (TWS), and can be downloaded by clicking "Download the TWS Application" link on our website or here https://www.zionsdirect.com/ib-login/#ib-login. Once you have installed and logged into TWS, you can add the Zion's Bond Trader page by going to File and choosing Open Layout Library, then scrolling down and selecting Add Layout under the Zion's Bond Trader. Or you can find the Muni Bond Scanner by clicking on the "New Window" button in the top left corner, and choose "Advance Market Scanner"

Am I only able to buy municipal bonds through IB on margin?

You can buy municipal bonds using cash or margin.


Will I be able to find bond listings on the new platform similar to those I was accustomed to on Bond Store?

Yes. We are excited that the IB system brings together more bond offering feeds than we have been able to provide in the past. The new system currently brings together four different bond offering feeds including the same Tradeweb feed we have had for the past 10 years.

Why can’t I see CUSIP-related details of my municipal bond positions?

In order to see CUSIP information you must subscribe to the CUSIP data feed. To subscribe go into Account Management > Trade Configuration > Market Data and choose CUSIP.

Is there a tutorial on navigating the new platform that I can access?

There are a number of tutorials available at the following link: https://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/index.php?f=14082&ns=T

I never received the conversion letter from Zions Direct. How can I get one mailed to me?

Please contact us via email or telephone and let us know which account number(s) for which you would like us to resend the letters.


What happens if I don’t receive the token card? How do I get a new one?

Please call us so that we can work with you to get a new one.

My account at IB shows cash of x, but I can’t withdraw the full amount, why?

A few items can affect your ability to withdraw the cash from your account. The primary reason would be a pending trade that will need some of that money to pay for the trade. Another reason would be that the money was recently deposited or transferred in from another institution.

Why can’t I trade if the FDIC sweep cash is not showing available?

The FDIC sweep cash transfer has to settle prior to being able to trade using any of the FDIC sweep funds.

What is Quick Trade?

Quick Trade is a simplified version of the Trader Workstation, allowing clients to initiate simple versions of transactions. For more choices on how or where to place your trade please use the Trader Workstation.


Why has my ACAT with IB been rejected when you provided them with the information?

Sometimes the information does not match up perfectly with the information that was at NFS, due to a change during the account review process by you or the type of account has changed (i.e. was an individual, now a joint account). The information must match up perfectly in order for the ACAT to happen.

How do I transfer my account(s) to another firm?

If you would like to transfer your account to another brokerage firm, you will need to contact the other firm directly and complete their firm-specific transfer paperwork.


How do I transfer assets form another brokerage account to Zion Direct?

You can enter the entire transfer by accessing
Account Management > Funding > Position Transfers and then choosing ACATS under the Transfer Method option. Follow the instructions on screen to complete the transfer.

How will cost basis be tracked with the transfer to IB?

The cost basis will be tracked similarly at IB. About a week after the transfer takes place the cost basis will be updated automatically with the information that was at NFS.


Why didn’t all of my account transfer over? Or why didn’t it transfer over all at once?

There are some positions or security types that cannot be held at IB. Also, it is common for securities that are within a few weeks of maturity to not be transferred. Proceeds from the matured security would be transferred after the security matured. Please contact us to discuss any specific details for your account.


What is the Stock Yield Enhancement Program?

The Stock Yield Enhancement Program (SYEP) offers participants the opportunity to earn additional income on their fully-paid shares by lending those shares to IB in exchange for a portion of the fees short sellers are willing to pay to borrow them.  Upon enrollment, SYEP activities are managed in their entirety by IB and require no actions on the part of participants.  These activities include the following: Identifying the shares in client accounts which borrowers are attempting to locate; Establishment of loans and returns; Crediting of loan fee income (expressed as an interest accrual for activity statement reporting purposes); and reporting of loan activity, cash collateral transfers and income on the activity statements.

In contrast to the securities lending programs offered by others, IB provides complete transparency as to the market rate and gross fees earned from each transaction which will be split equally between the client and IB.

For more information, visit the following: http://ibkb.interactivebrokers.com/article/1839


How do I change the information on my account?

The information on your account can be updated through Account Management under the Manage Account menu. There you will be able to change your address, phone number, and most other personal information.

How do I add authorized traders to my account?

Authorized traders or other individuals that you would like to have access to your account can be added under Account Management > Manage Account > Access Rights.


In contrast to the securities lending programs offered by others, IB provides complete transparency as to the market rate and gross fees earned from each transaction which will be split equally between the client and IB.

For more information, visit http://ibkb.interactivebrokers.com/article/1839